Diversity Statement

Senzo Research Corporation’s only measure of success is our ability to add tangible value to our clients with our deep expertise and Senzo’s proprietary candidate search and recruitment process. Quality of service and diversity should not be mutually exclusive concepts. To create and maintain competitive advantage, the most successful innovative companies embrace diversity as a philosophy necessary to best meet the needs of their constituencies in the 21st century.  Senzo Research Corporation is proud of its ability to deliver a world-class service - we are also a 100% diversity owned and operated company reflective of the global workforce and markets our clients serve.

We acknowledge that to be a leading company you need to be the best, and we challenge clients to measure our success and quality of service against any diversity OR non-diversity firms that compete in our arena.

Our Values 
Senzo Research Corporation is…

  • Proud to be a quality diversity owned and operated service provider
  • Committed to building and maintaining long-term fruitful relationships
  • Service oriented and professional in all interactions with our clients
  • Dedicated to treating all candidates with candor, honesty and respect – with the highest regard given to confidentiality and ethics
  • Appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to the noble cause of our clients looking to advance science to meet the world’s medical needs