About Us

At Senzo Research, we offer our HR partners the flexibility they need to be successful.   We offer retained, contingency and temporary contractor search services to our clients in clinical development, medical affairs, drug safety, pharmacovigilance and regulatory.  We are networked with the MD, PhD and PharmD candidates ready to learn about the opportunity at your company.   We are dedicated to making solid, strategic matches between company and employee and respecting the boundaries between HR and functional management.

Whether you are a client looking for quality talent or a candidate seeking greater opportunity, Senzo Research can help you achieve your goals.

Company Profile

Senzo Research Corp is minority owned firm with 10 years of broad based success placing physicians at all levels from Associate Director to the CMO of a Fortune 400 company in 2013.   Although we have over a decade of experience helping companies achieve their goals, our orientation is always toward the future, embracing innovation and the emerging realities of our industry.

Senzo Research has always leveraged innovation and technology to offer clients a superior service.  Years ago we developed a proprietary database with over 14,000 clinical research and medical affairs physicians in industry and academia.  Today we have invested thousands of dollars into proprietary search tools which facilitate our access to the massive online databases and networks.   Our physician networks are very deep and robust.

Senzo Research Corp is a 100% diversity owned recruitment firm committed to improving clinical research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The principles of Senzo Research are former members of an industry-leading executive search firm with 25+ years experience in recruiting physicians in clinical development.

Competitive Advantage

Senzo Research enjoys advantages over competition in three main areas

1. Strategic Narrow Focus. Our business is focused on physician recruitment in clinical development, medical affairs, drug safety, pharmacovigilance and regulatory.  Many other firms are generalists, or are new comers to the physician recruitment space. Senzo research does not attempt to be all things to all people. We know MD recruitment and do that well.  We are experts in this domain.

2. Industry-Leading Contacts.  Years ago we developed a proprietary database with over 14,000 physicians with expertise in clinical research medical affairs , drug safety, pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs qualifications in industry and academia.  We have embraced the online social and professional networks and have pivoted on our proprietary network and now have a massive online network of targeted candidates in clinical development, medical affairs, drug safety, pharmacovigilance and regulatory.

3.  Real Networks of Passive Candidates.  In today’s market many recruiters are clamoring to work on physician openings because of the relatively high base salaries and fee commissions.  Any newcomer to this space can conduct keyword searches on linkedin and “ping” the active candidates that have attractive online profiles who are seeking new opportunities.  But they cannot access the passive candidates with any efficiency.  Our relationships and industry knowledge afford us the opportunity to establish rapport and counsel the MD’s who are passive candidates.  This results in an information exchange which is essential when maintaining solid, personal relationships with passive candidates over time.

Value Proposition

To Clients we are flexible and understanding the changing landscape our HR partners are faced with.  We can provide you with efficient access to the top talent in clinical research, medical affairs, drug safety, phamacovigilance and regulatory utilizing our proprietary research capabilities and extensive networks. Senzo Research is a diversity vendor who will focus whenever possible on the placement of diversity candidates, and always on sourcing the best talent for our clients.


To Candidates we offer, deep industry knowledge, high level contacts in clinical research, medical affairs, drug safety, pharmacovigilance and regulatory positions at the companies who are at the forefront of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.